Committee for solidarity with imprisoned journalists in Morocco

In Rabat is a Committee for solidarity with journalists, including Hamid El Macharia, who have been detained during recent protests in Al Hoceima and its surroundings.

On Tuesday, a meeting was held at the headquarters of the Moroccan Association for human rights (AMDH) where they have announced the creation of a solidarity Committee for Hamid El Macharia and all journalists who have been arrested for their role in the reporting of the protests in the Rif region.

Veteran journalist Khalid Jamai was chosen as national coordinator of the Committee, reports Moroccoworldnews.

On 25 July, El Macharia before the Court of first instance in Al Hoceima sentenced to three months ' imprisonment and a fine of 20,000 dirhams for "encouraging people to take part in a banned protest". It was specifically about the protest of July 20 in Al Hoceima.

Its supporters deny the charge and say that El Macharia is being persecuted for his criticism of the Government.