Summary proceedings against Leen Bakker about Loft bed

More than 1000 consumers go a summary proceedings against Leen Bakker tightening about undelivered loft beds. They have legal advice office Aliter Melius enabled.

LEEN Bakker offered the loft beds for 24 euros each to the own customers. The chain of furniture stores will deliver the beds not for that price, because the listing by a technical failure on the site would have appeared. A conversation Thursday between Aliter Melius and Leen Bakker to the case out of court to solve, turned up nothing.

A spokesman for Aliter Melius said it failed a "substantive conversation" with Leen Bakker to carry over the supply of the loft beds. The chain of furniture stores would advance a number of conditions. "They asked, among other things, the condition that we would communicate about the conversation not with the media," said the spokesperson of the legal consulting firm.

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