The Green mosque in Adana

People from all over the world have heard of the spectacular Blue Mosque in Istanbul. but there is yet another mosque which deserves the attention of visitors, be it for other reasons.

The ivy-covered Yesil Mosque, also called green Mosque, is located in Adana in South Turkey. Along the Seyhan River, about 40 kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea.

While the Blue Mosque perhaps more spectacular, it seems the Green Mosque some more inviting. It is probably the most green building throughout Turkey with Ivy growing on its walls and some kind of botanical garden full of colorful flowers, which believers a naturally cool place offers to pray during the heat of the summer.

Unlike other minarets that heaven boarding as smooth stone towers, is the minaret of the Yesil mosque completely covered with leaves which gives you the construction itself no longer sees. It does not really matter if a building but the mosque looks almost like a leafed garden that somehow formed as a mosque.

It is known as one of the most beautiful places of Adana, the Yesil mosque charms its visitors. In addition to an unusual beauty and a cool place to pray the Ivy also has another purpose: it protects the building.

The Yesil Mosque Protection and Sustenance ' Association ' is in charge of the maintenance and condition of the building. The integrity of the construction is maintained without any restoration since 1965, when the minaret was built and the wooden construction was replaced by one made of concrete. "The ivy clad condition of the mosque is a outcome without effort", said K Or, President of the Foundation.

It is so with coincidence, but for about 40 years, we try to preserve its liveliness. "The Ivy that we first had left no leaves fall. Because this could harm the construction we have another kind of Ivy, which we have from the Toros mountains. Since then, the mosque became known as the Yesil mosque ".