UN: genocide on Yezidi's goes through

Daesh remains guilty of genocide on Yezidi's.

The Commission of inquiry for Syria of the United Nations (UN) did a call Thursday to do more to protect the religious minority group.

Exactly three years ago Daesh fell within in the area around the Sinjar mountain in Iraq, where many Yezidi's live. Hundreds of men were slaughtered and women and children had to work as slaves for the terrorist movement. At the expulsion of Iraq from Daesh names the terrorists some of their prisoners to the Syrian city of Raqqa.

According to the UN Commission are thousands of boys and men are missing and about three thousand women and girls in Daesh-area daily exposed to rape and other violence. The Commission calls on parties at the conquest of Raqqa the stronghold to save Yezidi's Daesh-. Also, the Commission intends that the international community take steps to the case of the Yezidi's for the Court to get, for example at the International Criminal Court.