Shocking video of bad condition slaughterhouse in Berkane (video)

A shocking video of a slaughterhouse went this week around on social media, where an employee of the slaughterhouse takes viewers for a tour to the very bad condition to show

On the video you can see dirty floors and walls where the paint peels off from, there is no or just dirty water present and hang there rusted meat hooks. The employee asks the viewers to the meat not to buy and eat.

"We do not have access to drinking water and logistical resources," said Kaouri, the vice president, who was interviewed by HuffPost Maroc. But he assures that this video does not reflect the whole reality of the slaughterhouse.

"They show only a small part of the slaughterhouse, and what you need to know is that all of our meat is checked by a veterinarian of ONSSA (the Moroccan food and consumer product safety authority). Citizens are not at risk. A while ago, a veterinarian a sick cow rejected ", he said.

Mr Kaouri also recognized that the slaughterhouse in Berkane does not meet the standards. "We have just signed a Convention with the provincial Council to build a new slaughterhouse that to national and even international standards", he said.

Dr. Mohamed Azzi, head of the inspection of animal products and m.b.t. ONSSA Department contacted by HuffPost Maroc, confirmed that the problem is the same in almost all slaughterhouses in Morocco, not only in Berkane.

On 10 July the Court of Auditors published a scathing report on the poor state of slaughterhouses in Morocco. "The report points out, for example, on the lack of drinking water in certain slaughterhouses, rusty hooks or even the absence of refrigerated trucks," reported TelQuel, which has analyzed the report.

"The equipment and facilities of the slachthuizenen, including hooks, rails and winches that the carcasses of slaughtered animals, suffer from significant oxidation, a situation that is often exacerbated by lack of maintenance". The report points out that there are only five slaughterhouses across the country are meeting all standards.

The shocking video of the employee of the victim is shown here (note, not for sensitive viewers):