Seven national education officials suspended for embezzlement of funds

The Ministry of education has seven national education officials suspended and their salary frozen, they are accused of misappropriation of funds of the failed education emergency plan of 2009-2012.

"In addition to the suspension are their salaries frozen until they appear for a disciplinary board and a ruling the judge can do," said an official of the Ministry of education to Telquel.

The newspaper Al Massae reported earlier this week that a dozen people in the national education system were examined and that many black-out acts had taken place during the implementation of the emergency plan.

Some education officials shared contracts in Exchange for commissions, according to the newspaper, which estimates that these deals have led to the loss of "millions" dirham.

The national Brigade of the Judicial Police (BNPJ) is preparing a report on the research, which will be presented to the public prosecutor's Office when it's done, added Al Massae.

The education emergency plan of 2012-2016 was launched by former Education Minister Ahmed Akhchichine, with a budget of 377 billion dirham. The reform included the (largely unfinished) construction of primary schools, including 373 1700 classrooms in rural areas, 350 807 high schools and boarding schools.

Of the 370 primary schools that would be built, only 99 saw the daylight, unveiled the Ministry and added that there are only 67 boarding schools instead of the planned 350 were built.

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