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India, a country in South Asia. A huge country that different cultures, traditions and religions.

Unfortunately, this country often forgotten or skipped by those who spend their vacation plans. Therefore at these six reasons why you absolutely should not do!

A likely reason that you are here is because you are interested in an ultimate Islamic holiday destination. If so, let me surprise you by saying that India is the place to be is ' for Muslims. In addition to the several mosques, Islamic centers and the vast Muslim population (alhamdullilah, Allah is praised), almost all restaurants are halal. The main reason for this is that the largest meat suppliers often Muslim.

What India among other things so special is that each catering facility makes a clear distinction between "TeC" and "non-veg". This goals they on vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Nice and convenient if you're vegetarian or want to play it safe because you doubt whether it is indeed halalwaardig.

Another nice touch is that you can dress as you like. So is it there walk around in, for example, long wear with or without niqaab the most normal thing in the world. Not only women but also men walking everywhere in India in Islamic/Arabic traditional clothing. Very special to see that sometimes it seems like you are in a Muslim country.

Amazingly enough across the country no pinch of theft or violence in sight. You can feel free to your phone and wallet on a restaurant table in the meantime, while you are visiting a sanitary space. No one who dares to touch one of your belongings!

Patrolling police officers in big cities everywhere you everywhere you want to help. Their slogan is also called "Let us help you!" For each you can trifle with them. For example, if you want to call to the hotel but you no (working) SIM card, or in a somewhat more extreme case as the ' tuctuc-driver ' you to the wrong place.

In a country like India do you expect that the biggest problem or barrier the language will be. If you the English language are you do absolutely nothing to worry about. The people speak good English. Also traffic, warning and information signs are often in English and can therefore provide good. If you are not so good English can then that's not such a big problem. Indians are patient people, you can also easily yourself with hands and feet explain. Most poor people can not know any English, but the most important words or phrases.

India is equal to about one-third of the United States. You will therefore understand that the country has a variety of landscapes. Each State is rich in several impressive natural areas. For example, in the North you find beautiful snow-covered mountains of the Himalayas and you can good wildlife watching. Do you enjoy safaris? Then I can tell you that you can create beautiful safari tours in the North.

The South of India is especially known for its tropical vegetation. The South of the country offers various boat trips through beautiful waters. In the State of Kerala, for example, you'll be surrounded by tea plantations, mountains and nature reserves. Especially the emphasis is on ' tea plantations ', you can no way imagine not blast by two tea gardens.

The diversity of nature in India is great. Throughout the country you will be calmed down by nature. Quiet remote areas embrace you with tranquility. Beautiful waters, hot springs and waterfalls that make you be surprised. Subhanallah how water can adorn everything. Dense forests, high mountains, desert-like resorts and dense bamboo forests alternate in each area. Plenty of opportunities to take part in beautiful hikes.

Do you like swimming then you can your luck. in addition to the beautiful seas has Allah (swt) India favored with vast deserts, backwaters, green lowlands, tropical forests and lakes.

There is a lot of wildlife in various national nature parks. This includes elephants, Bengal Tigers, tree leopards, red pandas, Indian rhinoceroses and Golden langurs.

Everyone knows the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world. But in addition to this beautiful Palace India has many other legendary palaces, monuments and fortresses.

Precisely because of the colorful people India has an impressive history that beautiful cultural heritage has left behind. The many cultural sites take you by the hand, far back in time. For every lover of culture, it is certainly advisable to the famous "golden triangle". The golden triangle is located in the North of India and extends between the cities Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

Everything in India is relatively much cheaper and that is, of course, good for the wallet. Where you are in a European country much needs to down click for a safari or trekking in India ¼ of the price you pay. For 1 à 2 euros you can enjoy a meal and for not even 5 euro you travel from one State to another State. This means in principle that you can do more fun things since you also have more to spend.

Where one should take into account is that the prices shown, often without tax. It is recommended that you to inform yourself well before you trade, the exchange rate this because each bank can handle its own rate plus with the additional charges. A nice touch is that ' the State Bank of India ' is a Government bank that no charges.

Each person is different. The one loves rain and the other loves of Sun. Certain countries have about the same climate all year round. On the other hand, India has annually three different "seasons". The "cool season" is in India between October and February. Are you eager to get your vitamin D levels in your blood to increase a bit? Then go to India between February and June. It is nice and warm. But with a high humidity! Keep your rather more of rain then it is advisable to go from the beginning of June to september, because then the monsoon (rainy season).

Imagine yourself in a world full of pomp and circumstance. Pack your bags and travel to one of the most culture rich countries in the world: India. Don't forget your camera, because as the famous Roger Kingston once said: "A camera is a save button for the mind's eye".

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