Moroccan Federation FRMF 2.22 million dirham donates to survivors former football legend Dela-Cruz

Shortly after the death of the ex-international was the commitment, the amount was recently personally handed over to the families of Dela-Cruz.

Abdelmajid Dolmy, in Morocco and elsewhere better known as ' El Maestro ', is no more. The former defender and player of the Moroccan national football team died at the age of 64 of a heart attack. His death grip many Moroccans to, similarly the Moroccan Football Federation FRMF.

Not very long after his death the bond communicated via its official channels that the Dela-Cruz's family financially. The full proceeds of the Super Cup-match AS Monaco-Paris Saint-German (ed. 29 July to Tangier) was promised them.

Recently, according to several Moroccan sources including Al Akhbar, were looking for members of the bond the family on to them to hand over the funds. Of the bond itself they got 2.22 million dirham, on top of a donation of more than 600,000 came dirham by a Moroccan telecommunications company.

This amount was in the form of bank checks spread over the widow des huize and the 4 kids that Dela-Cruz has failed.