Rabat: dozens of police officers punished for sabotage bodycams

Dozens of policemen were recently punished for intentionally disabling bodycams set up to fight corruption.

The Royal Gendarmerie in Rabat recently decided administrative and disciplinary penalties to dozens of police officers. One study found that they intentionally the cameras on the chest of their uniform had deactivated call that corruption within the police ranks, Assabah reported in its weekend edition.

The newspaper reports that these police officers against the lamp ran after an internal audit carried out by a Committee headed by the ' general staff of the Royal Gendarmerie '.

The purpose of this audit was to assess the use of the bodycams on the chest of agents of the motor brigade were pinned to their interventions and as corruption.

The audit was not announced and when we were asked to access the data of the cameras in order, inter alia, to evaluate the duration of use, it turned out that a few the bodycams wasn't used and had deliberately turned off.

Faced with this observation did the regional leadership of the Royal Gendarmerie, in turn, with penalties to ensure that the agents use the cameras on their chest from now on.

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