Wife gets cleaning account from 490 euro for swimming with the burkini

The woman took advantage of the shared swimming pool at a rented holiday home near Marseille, France.

According to the owner of the park had to be cleaned and the water for 2 days. Just because there with a burkini was swum in the pool.

The woman had to pay EUR 490 as compensation. When the woman refused, the amount deducted from the deposit paid earlier.

The woman in question did her story to the Collectif contre l'islamophobie en France (CCIF). She said that a staff member the other aanmaande guests to the pool to come out. Next, the husband of the woman called with the request to his wife during the rest of their stay no longer swim.

According to a report by the Association of owners of the holiday complex was different. According to them, there was talk of a burka and no burkini and would another guest the woman have asked the pool to go out.

According to the couple is not cleaned and the pool water not at all been closed for 2 days.