Belgian man and two sons already 2 weeks held in Agadir

A father from Binche (Hainaut) and his two sons of sixteen and twenty years are detained in the Moroccan resort of Agadir after colliding with an animator from the hotel where they stayed.

The family, Marjorie, Daniel and their two sons Nicolas and Corey went for 10 days holidays in Agadir.

Marjorie told RTL info: "after nine perfect days full of relaxation and entertainment is the day before our departure all wrong. After an animator of our hotel had struck one of his female colleagues, my husband spoke out to him. Women store, you're not. Next is the animator begin to drink, drink then very much to quarrel with anyone. When everything is out of control. We are then left for the worse. We have gone to the front desk to ensure that someone would intervene. "

Marjorie has then asked to speak with the Director of the hotel, to make a complaint about the behavior of the animator. The Director would have listened to them and then another good at need. However, he then would have called the police to accuse the Belgians. "Shortly after noon [25 July], we were just something to eat, there are some agents came at us and they arrested my husband and my two sons."

Nearly two weeks later, the situation hardly changed, says Marjorie against the newspapers by Sudpresse. Marjorie was allowed to return to Belgium, but her husband and two sons had to stay behind, their passports were taken.

She has now definitely committed a hundred phone calls to find a solution, but to no avail. The Prosecutor initially proposed a settlement for: the animator would withdraw his declaration as the Belgians are hospital costs would pay. But now something else said, according to Marjorie. Even if there is a settlement, the officer can decide to prosecute her husband and sons. "There is even talked about prison sentences".

Marjorie further stresses that the allegations are not correct. Her family members went to the front desk for the situation not to let it escalate, she says. In addition, the testimonials suddenly have changed. Witnesses reporting now that Daniel would have thrown a table to the victim, while the youngest son was initially accused, said Marjorie. According to the woman has her man the animator only a push.