Group migrants sprint border to Spanish enclave of Sebta (video)

Early this morning ran a group of sub-Saharan migrants at the border-crossing point Tarajal border to the Spanish enclave of Sebta.

"The Sub-Saharan migrants have the double fence in Sebta not by storm, but they came racing in a group, tightly next to each other and made the crossing at the Tarajal-passage", said the Spanish Civil Guard. The border-crossing point Tarajal is often used by the so-called ' mules ', which carry goods on their backs into and out of Sebta.

This nocturnal sprint surprised the agents who, overwhelmed, the migrants could not keep. "There are no attempts been here for a long time," said a spokesman for the Civil Guard. Once in Sebta the Spanish police sent them to a temporary reception centre for immigrants (CETI).

Exactly how many migrants managed to make the crossing succeeded is not entirely clear. The Spanish Red Cross initially tweeted that 300 migrants had made the crossing. Later they tweeted that they had helped 187 migrants, 4 of which were referred to the hospital. The news agency AFP speaks at least 187 migrants.

The pressure on the border crossings of Moroccan territory to Spanish territory seems to be getting higher. Regularly there are Sebta and Melilia bestormingen at both as this week was already known that migrants the crossing.

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