' Turkish police must look elsewhere to Joey '

NARLIYUKU (Reuters)-former Shepherd and restaurant owner Ali G├╝rsoy thinks the police on other spots around the mountains in Narliyuku to look for the missing Joey Hoffmann (21) from Haaksbergen.

"There are one or two valleys away where he could possibly be found. That's inhospitable terrain and it is there difficult search ", says Gürsoy.

He is the man who in early July the police in the Turkish resort town of Silifke archaeological protected area when he alerted on all kinds of machines and building materials, adjacent to his country. There the couple camped Björn and Derya Banda from Haaksbergen, that there using their fellow townsman Hoffmann wanted to go build a House.

Since few days is also the mountain village of Narliyuku in the spell of the mysterious story surrounding the Dutch Threesome, two of whom are after long time above water came and the third – Joey Hoffmann-been a month without a trace. A quest Saturday turned up nothing, a new scavenger hunt is imminent, announced the police in Silifke Monday.

Villagers have only recently heard of the loss, now also the Turkish newspaper reports about the curious issue. They can the Dutch with their packed van good remember. "There were so many stuff in, that it surprised me that there are three people fit in," says Matt Talbot, a German Turk who in the summer months in Narliyuku. The area is famous for two deep gorges (heaven and hell) and a magnificent view of the coastal strip.

According to him, the case of the disappearance be resolved soon, "because we can not here with a criminal life in our midst". He spoke the Dutch around 8 July, visited the place where they camped. The couple from Haaksbergen wanted the ground to say buy it due to the pure sea air. Björn had a kidney ceded to his sick wife Derya and at that point they had according to Talbot the least likely on the transfer of germs.

They would the piece of land for 58,000 Turkish lira (about 14,000 euro) want to buy from a local restaurant owner and even did a small deposit.

But that land may be cultivated at all, says Ali Gürsoy, which a lot of land on and around that protected area. For the place that the couple had in view, is according to him a construction ban because of the archaeological meaning. The ground is full of archaeological treasures. One of the theories that is being investigated, according to the police or the couple from Haaksbergen has done excavations there. There appears to be in many places to be searched and the Earth is churned in many places, but by whom?

Hasan Gürsoy and his wife Elif thinking there of theirs. They saw the Dutch last month along their small farm to a deserted road towards the makeshift campsite drive and immediately warned the police. During an extensive interview with plenty of tea on a carpet in the shade next to their farm, they say that they are not trusted the case immediately.

Hasan knows the terrain like the back of his hand, think that the missing Joey possible in one of the many water wells in the area may have come, "to drink or to shade to search". According to him the mystery around the key is in the hands of the Dutch couple, that country has gotten and Turkey not ruling out Mag. Hasan: "dead or alive, they know what happened."