Moroccan food and consumer product safety authority ONSSA isn't worried about infected eggs

The Moroccan food and consumer product safety authority ONSSA in a press release issued today that they worry about with fipronil infected eggs.

"No products based on fipronil registered in Morocco, nor in the agriculture or animals from which the products intended for human consumption, including poultry," said the press release of ONSSA.

ONSSA notes that the toxic substance fipronil is only allowed in dogs and cats as an animal drug for the treatment of external parasites.

ONSSA also indicates that the matter concerning the tapping of infected eggs from certain European countries (including Netherlands) feel free to follow and inform the consumer as to the quality and safety of eggs on the national market.

According to the same source imports Morocco no eggs for consumption, except for small quantities during Ramadan in Morocco 2016 were imported after the rise of bird flu. The production of about 5 billion units "includes all of Moroccan consumer needs, and even for export to certain African countries".