' Reopen airport Yemen for humanitarian aid '

Fifteen aid organizations call on the warring parties in Yemen to the main airport in capital Sanaa to reopen.

The airport is already one year close, causing thousands of seriously ill patients cannot leave the country and humanitarian aid is hampered, the organizations, including the International Rescue Committee wrote Wednesday in a joint statement.

In Yemen in the past three months by a cholera epidemic 1900 people died and an estimated 400,000 people got infected, reported the World Health Organisation (WHO) at the end of July. The Yemeni authorities estimate according to the aid agencies that all 10,000 people have died as a result of conditions for which they were trying to seek help abroad.

"For help abroad the Yemenis now take alternative routes", the aid organisations. Patients should thereby often make car rides of 10 to 20 hours to another airport. In addition, they often have to drive through areas where is fought.