MERs El Kheir: arrest of a dangerous gang

Assaults with knives, robbery, abduction and gang rape. MERs El Kheir (prefecture Skhirat-temara) after a lot of dramatic incidents can breathe a sigh of relief after the arrest of a dangerous gang.

The inhabitants of Mers El Kheir are relieved after the arrest of a number of individuals that a gang formed and were involved in several serious crimes. This gang sowed terror with different crimes, including the abduction and gang rape of a pregnant woman.

The pregnant woman was kidnapped by two members of the gang that took her to a forest in El Menzeh in Rabat, where she was victim of a gang rape.

According to the newspaper Assabah is the head of the gang, called "Dave Weld", arrested in Hay Chigha in Temara. He confessed also various other crimes, including the attack on a young man and the rape of his partner and a robbery at a shopping mall in El Menzeh.

According to the same source stated "Weld Dave" that the gang rape of the pregnant woman was in command of a person who had yet to settle an account with the victim.

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