Blood shortage for blood transfusions in Morocco

There's this summer an urgent shortage of blood for blood transfusions in Morocco.

A situation that Mohamed Benajiba, Director of the National Center for blood transfusion and Haematology in Rabat, has led an urgent appeal to all health care professionals and officials of the Ministry of Public health.

The objective of that job: more efforts to donors to find and themselves to take part in the following donation campaigns to donate their own blood.

According to Mohamed Benajiba, the blood banks in the Kingdom barely enough for five days before there is a shortage.

On the other hand, the trade unions of health care professionals on the lack of a strategy with regard to the lack of blood donors.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) advises that 2% of the population regularly donates blood, "we hardly reach 0.08 in Morocco", said a responsible in a blood transfusion centre in Casablanca against the medium H24Info.

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