Exclusive: interview with A. I. transferred to Premier League

At the age of 21, the attacker direct from the first Division to the Premier League to play for Brighton and Hove Albion PhD student.

A remarkable but at the same time very challenging step for A. I. that there is a very successful period it has sitting in the Yanmar Stadium. Our sports editors suggested the attacker therefore also the following questions around this transfer:

"I waited at first on interest from the Premier League, which stayed out. In the period following I got from my brothers, who manage and represent me, to hear that there was interest from the Premier League. Only when that interest in concrete was hit really hit me. A few weeks later it translated itself to the contract what Brighton without adequate equipment. So is it all. Not long after the deal was around, so quite quickly ".

"Last year was indeed also the possibility to leave. Only there were not really clubs at where I was convinced. In addition, I had not made a whole season played 38 matches, match was something still on my to-do list. All this made me decide to extend my contract with Almere so they also could earn some to me, win-win situation for both parties. Multiple reasons so and if I look back than it is ultimately a good choice, also because I could stay in my home environment ".

"It's for myself also. For every player it is of course a dream to in largest competition of the world to play. What I do know and that is based on what other players who also have played in England have told me, including Ali Abdi, is that it really is heavier in terms of level and ferocity. My short term goals are English-fit and to trying to hook into the level of playing football here. That estimate is now a bit tricky since I immediately of the Jupiler League to the Premier League left. I shall therefore should expect everything what can come on my path ".

"The discussions with the trainer and the club were quite good. They have made it clear that they have made me me right away and I'm going to be brought slowly and stresses that there is no pressure on me to stand directly to Case now is to integrate myself to develop steadily this year, in this country and to find my spot b collect the club ".

"I have not yet really goals for myself at the moment. Reason for this is that I actually an intermediate step wrong. Normally, a transfer to the Premier League before you get into the Premier League ends up more logical ".

"I'm with Almere with a very good and perfect feeling left. After 2 seasons almost weekly to have stolen the show it was clear for everyone that I was looking for a new challenge. The time was just ripe, in conclusion, I would like to just thank "the club as a whole.

a. ayew