Official: Morocco applies to 2026 to organize WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS

The FIFA World Cup bid received today by Morocco. It is now the fifth time that the country a throw does the Organization of the world event.

This morning made the Moroccan Football Federation FRMF via its official channels known to want to organize the World Cup by 2026.

If you want to get the World Cup to home country then there will be opgebokst to be against the joint bid of the US, Mexico and Canada.

As is well known, one did already frantic efforts to win the World Championship. In 1994, 1998, 2006 and 2010 was there besides the Organization seized.

In Morocco there was sitting closest to 2010, when South Africa went with the hosting of the tournament (ed. 14 votes for South Africa over 10 for Morocco). A number of years afterwards, it was announced that that commitment is not entirely according to the rules expired and it eventually would have been what Morocco was entitled to the event.

In June 2018 is during a FIFA Congress published to which candidate the World Cup.