Moroccan ' escobar ' arrested in Spain will be extradited to Romania

Mimoune Kaabouni, one of the biggest drug barons in Europe, Romania will be tried for drug trafficking after a record seizure of 2300 kilos of cocaine.

By his reputation as a drug Lord he was given by the Spanish authorities the nickname "Moroccan Escobar ', reports the Moroccan news site

Mimoune Kaabouni was arrested early July 2016 on the Malaga airport in Spain. He had managed a load of 2300 kilos of cocaine in banana boxes on Romanian territory and was then searched by the Romanian authorities. The Romanian Justice had requested extradition and that request is honored by Spain. Kaabouni will soon be extradited and be tried in Romania.

During interrogations he Kaabouni known that the drugs had entered the European territory via the ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam and Amsterdam as well. He acknowledged that he was planning a new plant in the port of Constanta in Romania in order to expand its network in Europe.

mimoune kaabouni