Sidi Kacem: 15 children treated for rabies after acts of bestiality with a donkey

15 minors who a donkey in the small rural village of Sidi Kamel (province of Sidi Kacem) sexually abused, have been treated for rabies that they of the animal.

The children, aged from 7 to 15 years, were rushed to the Mechraa Belksiri Hospital where she stayed a week. They received medical treatment after a donkey here rabies had transferred to them, reported the Moroccan newspaper Al Akhbar.

The local authorities have the inhabitants of the village (and surroundings) warned and are looking for possible others that the animal have "accessed" and "admired", to reduce the risk of the spread of rabies among the inhabitants of the region.

The incident was the subject of mockery among the population of the small village, but it is also a subject of fear and shame for parents who are in the extreme to vaccinate their children rushed secret in case they have approached the animal without telling others.

According to the newspaper, the number of infections is much higher, because some parents take their children to hospitals outside the region may have brought to humiliation.

Apart from the ignorance and sexual misery that this case reveals, the demand for above what the Moroccan law actually says about ?  And guess what, according to the Moroccan law bestiality is not punishable. There are laws against animal cruelty, but it does not include bestiality.

Ahmed Tazi, President of the Association for the defense of animals and nature (ADAN), stresses to that the lack of education plays an important role in the spread of this kind of behavior of young people in certain regions. He indicates that a law subject in preparation is to be submitted to the Government in order to end this behaviour and for the law to make punishable.

The owner of the donkey will probably be persecuted, he had the disease of the donkey should report to the authorities. The donkey is in this double victim, to be sexually abused after the owner the donkey i.v.m. the disease should finish it.

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