Tangier: police ends illegal street racing by rich children (video)

During a week were in different districts in Tangier at night illegal street races held with luxury cars, in Malabata, on the corniche and even in the Centre.

In addition to the nightly noise these fools not hesitated to the traffic. They held illegal street racing or were drifting on roundabouts. Result: angry motorists, traffic congestion and dangerous situations for other road users and pedestrians.

On a variety of Moroccan media channels one spoke shame about the rich kids who themselves above the law.

After multiple complaints and videos on social media could police some perpetrators appeared in the collar. Several people were arrested and the cars were seized.

[video = youtube; fGoRFGIN3zM] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = fGoRFGIN3zM [/video]

illegal street racing