Filmteaser of Moroccan film ' Burn Out ' (video)

' Burn Out ', the new film by Nour-Eddine Lakhmari, at the beginning of the school year (2017) in Moroccan cinemas presented. For now we still do with the filmteaser.

The film ' Burn out ' is about the different social classes in Casablanca, "the poor who hate the rich and the rich who despise the poor". The film shows how these two categories of people not meet each other in Casablanca, while the movie advocated that only love can save them.

"Casablanca is my little Morocco, it's my metropolis, it's my New York. It allows me to my movies, black movies that characterize me. Casablanca fascinates me, scares me, "said the Director, who is also the movies Lakhmari Casanegra and Zero made.

[video = youtube; e5Lxm8UGKVc] v = e5Lxm8UGKVc [/video]

burn out