' Notorious Daesh-member married Dutch in Syria '

A notorious Australian member of terrorist movement in Syria with a Dutch woman Daesh is married and has two children with her.

That has the Daesh-recruiter said against the Turkish police, reporting, among other things, The Guardian and The Herald Sun.

Neil Prakash, Australia's most wanted terrorist, was arrested last fall when he crossed the border with forged documents. The Daesh-Warrior gets in the Turkish prison assistance from the Australian authorities, in the hope that he would like to share important information.

Prakash's children may be entitled to the Australian citizenship. He would, however, have no idea where his wife and children currently are.

Also he would against the police have said that he has turned daesh after being wounded in bombing of Kobani. Prakash said six months was in Syria on the run, when he decided to go to .

The 27-year-old Prakash is born in Melbourne. His family is from Fiji and Cambodia. He is one of the sure 110 Australians who joined Daesh. The identity of his wife is not known.

Prakash was previously once declared dead after an American bombing of Mosul.