Violent clashes between security forces and demonstrators in Al Aaroui (video)

The tempers in the North of Morocco tempers flare up again.

In protests yesterday afternoon in Al Aaroui it came to clashes between security forces and demonstrators. The protesters called for the release of Hirak prisoners and expressed their anger over the death of Imad Eardley, who died earlier this week after to have been in a coma for since July 20.

Some protesters threw stones and burning objects (such as car tires) on the way. A car also went up in flames. The security forces acted with batons

The violent clashes between security forces and protesters lasted until midnight and resulted in the arrest of several protesters. The photos and videos on social networks were multiple spread of the wounded.

Images of yesterday afternoon:

[video = youtube; cuouDcvWGzo] v = cuouDcvWGzo [/video]

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