Ronaldo remains long suspension

Cristiano Ronaldo remains suspended for the next five duels of Real Madrid. The Spanish Football Federation has the job of the Portuguese star player against his sentence turned down. Thereby he misses Wednesday evening the return in Madrid against FC Barcelona for the Spanish Supercup and the first four League matches.

"Excessive and ridiculous," said Ronaldo displeased. "It's impossible to immunity. I feel wanted. "

Ronaldo in the away match against Barcelona last Sunday made the second goal for Real, that won the contest with 3-1. He pulled his shirt off after his hit and got yellow. Shortly after Ronaldo received his second yellow card for an alleged fopduik. When he was shown the red card, the referee gave the star a boost. For which he was punished with four duels Monday push suspension. What is more, one game for his red card.

Trainer Zinedine Zidane of Real Madrid called Tuesday all the penalty against Ronaldo much too heavy. "Five games is too much. This is really not ", complained the former football player.