Police: deaths and injuries in Barcelona

The Spanish police confirm that deaths and people have been injured when a van in the Centre of Barcelona right through the audience.

According to the Spanish media is sure one person had been killed. According to the first estimates of the Spanish media are 20 to 25 people injured.

The police "treats the case as a terrorist attack", reported the newspaper El País. "Terrorist attack on La Rambla", headlined El Periódico.

The Spanish police has no numbers mentioned and through its own channels not yet confirmed that it is a terrorist act. The protocols for an attack are activated, police said, but about the motives behind the fatal ride is still unknown.

The police in Barcelona calls on everyone to share any photos and videos of the attack in the city centre. People should leave the area, there stay away and the emergency services not in the road. People can on Twitter using the hashtag #RedesSociales let family and friends know that they are safe, have been released on the police.