Attorney General refuses the autopsy-results of Imad Eardley to reveal

The Attorney General of the Court of Appeal refused the autopsy in Tetouan-results of Imad Eardley to the family of the deceased.

The family of Imad Eardley was surprised to learn that the Attorney General of the Court of Justice in Tetouan-the autopsy results of Imad Eardley refused to reveal, who died on 8 August. Contacted by H24Info, said Rashid Baby, one of the lawyers of Hirak (people's movement), that the Attorney General justified his refusal by stating that this information "in the secrecy of the investigation".

Determined to discover the real reasons of the death of his son to figure out, the family Eardley his intention to dig the body of Imad on it to a foreign expert. According to the daily newspaper Akhbar Alyaoum Eagle, the lawyer filed a complaint with the Attorney General in which he the exhumation and a second autopsy of the body of Imad Eardley claims by a French expert. This is made possible by the agreement that France and Morocco in this area.

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