migrants rescued at sea between Morocco and Spain 339

The Spanish coast guard has announced that they have rescued 339 people aboard seven boats in the waters of the Straits of Gibraltar between Morocco and Spain, a route that more and more is taken by migrants.

Among the rescued migrants, all of which were transferred to the coastal town of Tarifa, there were at least 19 minors and a baby, said a spokesman for the Spanish coast guard. Nationals of the Maghreb countries are sent back to their respective countries, reports Lefr360, while minors and sub-Saharan migrants to regional ITIS-centers will be admitted.

"The number of boats that arrive on the Spanish coast, this summer is unusual," said the spokesman to AFP and added that there were boats three times more than the previous year.

Between January and July 2017 7642 migrants in Spain came via sea, opposite 2763 during the same period in 2016.

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) is this figure (up to 11 August) increased to 8385 migrants. In addition, 121 migrants died while they were trying to reach Spain, compared with 128 for the whole year 2016.

IOM estimates that this year Greece Spain could catch up on migrant arrivals by sea, behind Italy.

In addition to the arrivals by sea more and more migrants manage to penetrate to Spanish territory through the Spanish enclaves Sebta and Melilia.