Daesh claims attack in Barcelona, one suspect shot dead

Daesh terrorist organisation has Thursday night claimed responsibility for the attack in Barcelona.

That happened as usual via the own Amaq news agency. "The perpetrators of the attack in Barcelona are soldiers of Daesh. They have the operation performed in response to the call to take the coalition countries, "reads the message from Amaq, referring to the alleged by the United States Alliance that fights against Daesh.

A suspect in the attack in Barcelona is according to the newspaper La Vanguardia died during a shootout with the police. That would have happened in Sant Just Desvern, a suburb on the west side of Barcelona, near the University.

The man gave gas when the police wanted to detain him for his car to check, wrote the newspaper. An agent was run over and broke an ankle. Three kilometers further the police could force him to stop. This was followed by the shooting.

According to an eye-witness of the gunfight drove the offender in a white Golf. He told La Vanguardia that the police has deployed a robot to search the vehicle for explosives.

There is still nothing official about the authorities have announced. The Catalan police confirm so far only that one suspect is arrested. How many offenders were involved in the attack with a delivery van in the heart of the city is still unclear.

The first man was suspected of involvement in the terrorist attack in Barcelona has turned himself in to the police reported, after he had seen his photo was distributed via internet. He gave itself to in Ripoll where he lives. That is in the district of Gerona, not far from the French border. The Mayor of the city, Jordi Munell, confirms that in the newspaper La Vanguardia.

The suspect told the agents on the desk that his ID was stolen. He denies something with the terrorist act on the Rambla. He was at the time of the attack in Ripoll.

Possible with the white vans hired his personal proof that the offender in the busy shopping area of the Catalan capital thirteen pedestrian doodreed and dozens of wounded. The police found a possible getaway car in Vic, that between Ripoll and Barcelona is.

The president of the autonomous community of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, reports that around 80 people have been injured by the attack. Fifteen of them are seriously injured, thus Puigdemont. He told Thursday night that two suspects are arrested, but gave no details. The regional Government had previously confirmed that thirteen deaths.

The Catalan Government stressed not to bow to violence.