Network rolled up those migrants per jet ski from Morocco to Spain transports

The Spanish police reported yesterday that they have dismantled an illegal immigration network which migrants on jet skis from Morocco, through the Straits of Gibraltar, Spain to transports for 5000 euros per person.

The smugglers transported "almost daily" two migrants per Jet Ski for 5000 euro per person to the 18-minute crossing, reported the Spanish police in a statement.

Once arrived at a beach in the provinces of Cádiz or Malaga were the migrants to Algeciras brought "where they were deprived of their liberty for hours" until family members or acquaintances in Sebta had paid the debt.

Three members of the network were arrested, one on the European side of the Strait of Gibraltar, in Algeciras, and two in Sebta. The police did not specify when the arrests took place exactly.

Two other members of the network managed to at the time of the arrest to flights and are subject to an international arrest warrant, police said. The nationality of the arrested smugglers is not disclosed, reports Lefr360.