Mosque and Moroccan Consulate in Tarragona (Spain) victim of death threats and vandalism

In the aftermath of the attacks in Barcelona and Tarragona Cambrils were sprayed on a mosque death threats and was the Moroccan Consulate in Tarragona sprayed with red paint

An article by the Spanish news agency EFE, published by , reported that the mosque in Montblanc (Tarragona province) was the target of death threats.

Death threats on the walls of the mosque were sprayed with the text "Fica a morir putos moros" (freely translated: "you are to death f * cking Moroccans").

The facade of the Moroccan Consulate early this morning was also sprayed with red paint, which is synonymous for blood.

Contacted by the Moroccan news medium Lefr360, a source at the Moroccan Embassy in Madrid confirmed the incident. "It happened very early in the morning, even before the opening of the Consulate", the source said.

"It is a racist act, because it is a form of revenge and the Moroccans be held responsible for these attacks," said Faris Rachid, a Moroccan journalist living in Barcelona.

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