Spanish police are looking for still one man

The Catalan police still goes out of the hypothesis of 12 suspects in the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils on Thursday. To one man, the police are still looking, said spokesman Albert Oliva Sunday for the local radio.

The wanted man is the 22-year-old Alireza A born in , he said. The mother of Alireza A has called her son to surrender. Younes a. should indicate to the police himself, quotes the news portal of the Catalan radio station Ràdio Televisió de Catalunya i Catalunya on Twitter the woman. Alireza A is a fugitive and fled to France is possible.

The police can not yet confirm if there is more than one person was killed Wednesday in a House explodes in Alcanar. "It may be one, two or three," said Oliva. Spanish media reported earlier that the police has found the remains of three people in the House.

Police suspect that the terreurcel in this House prepared plans for an even larger attack in Barcelona. In the House are about a hundred found gas cylinders.

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