Al-Sunna mosque in Spain victim of hate

The Al-Sunna mosque in Fuenlabrada, on the southern outskirts of Madrid, was a victim of hate in the night of Friday to Saturday, said Mohamed Ka, the Secretary-General of the mosque.

In a statement today to the Moroccan news agency MAP told Mohamed Ka that a pig head on the pavement in front of the mosque was laid and that there are inscriptions of racist and xenophobic nature were sprayed on the wall and door of the mosque, including a swastika and the words "death to islam".

This Act of hate caused a shock and outrage among the faithful, he said, noting that the Islamic religious and Cultural Center for more than 30 years and has always contributed to the promotion of coexistence and tolerance. There are strong relationships with all social institutions and societies in Fuenlabrada.

The local and national police were notified and immediately came to the mosque in order to investigate the incident and an investigation, according to Ka, which highly spoke of the efforts of the police services who pay much attention to the incident.

Ka is also of the opinion that this incident directly connected with the terrorist attacks Thursday and Friday in Catalonia have affected and he points out that the Muslim religious Association of the Al Sunna mosque this barbaric firmly condemned crimes, which do not represent islam and the Muslims and be rejected by all religions.

Ka also has in these difficult circumstances in Spain asked for restraint and caution and the spirit of solidarity, coexistence and dialogue.