Shocking video of sexual abuse of girl in bus in Casablanca calls great anger on

A video in which a young girl sexually abused mentally limited by a group of young boys in a bus in Casablanca made the round yesterday evening on social media.

The girl is in the bus in broad daylight and without intervention of the bus driver or any fellow passengers sexually abused. The girl calls and begs the perpetrators to get her to leave, but who go just by using her undress, touch and offend. Moroccan social media users reacted shocked and furious.

The terrible incident took place in a vehicle of the public transport company M'dina Bus, in the streets of Casablanca. The girl, 24 years old, would be in the same neighborhood life as the aggressors, in Maaguiz, in the District of Sidi Bernoussi in Casablanca.

The public prosecutor has opened an investigation. "The Attorney General of the King in the Court of appeal in Casablanca on Monday opened an investigation and asked the judicial police to investigate the matter fully and to arrest the perpetrators," said a judicial source.

The authorities have already reported this afternoon that five offenders (between the ages of 15 and 17 years old) have been arrested, including the guy who made the video.

In a press statement gives M'dina Bus that they have taken knowledge of the video and that a crisis team immediately an investigation is started. The incident would have occurred for 3 months ago.

M'dina Bus reports that she "is not able to make a video-extraction of the cameras of the bus, especially because we have 800 buses".

As regards the allegations concerning the passivity of the bus driver at the time of the events, trying to talk M'dina Bus right what is wrong is right in saying that there are daily aggression takes place in the buses, reports Lefr360. The bus driver would probably have heard noise, but this is "normal". On the images is clear, however, hard to hear cries (both begging the girl as the cries of the boys) and is not only the girl half naked, but are some guys with a bare upper body in the aisle of the bus.

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