Spain bombings: Moroccan experts to Madrid, 2 suspects arrested in Morocco

A team of Moroccan experts travelled to Madrid is the Spanish researchers support after the terrorist attacks that have taken Catalonia Thursday and Friday. Two suspects have been arrested in Morocco.

The purpose of the trip by Moroccan experts to Spain is part of the Moroccan-Spanish cooperation in the fight against organised crime and terrorism, reports Lefr360. This cooperation between the police forces of the two countries is always ' active and fruitful ', confirms a Moroccan police source close to the dossier. Recently, the head of the security and intelligence service, Abdelhak Khiame, the high level of judicial cooperation between the Moroccan services and their Spanish counterparts.

In connection with investigations relating to the attacks in Barcelona and the Moroccan security services have Cambrils Sunday an alleged member of the terreurcel in Oujda arrested. The man would have connections with Moussa Oukabir, one of the suspects by the Catalan police in Cambrils was shot. A second suspect is arrested today in Nador. The Spanish press, on the basis of indications of the Spanish police, emphasize the good cooperation with the Moroccan security services in the investigation of the attacks.

The Spanish newspaper El Confidencial reports that the researchers work on the assumption that the attacks are planned in M'rirt (province of Khénifra), where most suspects originally come from. The most important members of the terrorist cell were probably present in the second half of July in Morocco and some of them are only returned to Spain this week. This is also the case with Dema Oukabir, one of the suspects has been arrested by the police, which on 13 August from Tangiers airport arrived in Spain.