Sexual abuse in bus: inhabitants defend perpetrators Sidi Bernoussi (video)

There are today six minors, aged between 15 to 17 years old, arrested for sexual abuse of a mentally limited girl in a bus in Casablanca.

The six boys were arrested this afternoon in Maaguiz, in the district of Sidi Bernoussi in Casablanca. A series of videos published by the site shows some of the arrests: , here and .

The Moroccan news medium Le360 went with a camera to be able to hear testimonies of local residents. For the camera they defend the guys and look for excuses as the young age, the fact that they are addicted to drugs, that they "only children" are only rascals and the zones are. No word, however, in favor of the victim, 24 years old, who has mental health problems and on the video the guys clearly begs to stop.

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