Additional monitoring Islamic school after action

The police keep extra surveillance of an Islamic elementary school in Leiden after a campaign at the beginning of the school year.

Strangers had the entrance gate with a padlock closed. At the end was a letter with a skull and was having regard to attacks that Islamic schools should close.

The school has reported destruction and discrimination, confirms the police. The police are doing research and taking also images which the anti-Islamic organization Netherlands Pegida published about it.

Director Anand Desai from primary school There-Risèlèh on the Stadhouderslaan calls it a serious matter. The children, who through the back entrance, had to have inside there according to its not much noticed. "The teachers have tried to hold still a airy first happy day of school for the students of it."

The police immediately removed the lock as well as a slot on the bicycle storage room. The Director would have liked to see the police just left off, but is happy that there is now monitoring.

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