Sexual abuse in bus: total confusion about the identity of the victim (video)

There has been total confusion about the identity of the victim of sexual abuse in a bus in Casablanca.

Yesterday gave the Directorate General of national security (DGSN) a press release in which the victim is revealed as Ibrahim, 24 years old and mentally limited. "The investigations carried out by the police made it possible to the identity of the victim, born in 1993, fix, who suffers from mental disorders and lives in the same neighborhood as the perpetrators," the statement said.

Also noting that "intensive research, supported by the technical experts that the video (which was taken three months ago) have examined, made it possible to the suspects a few hours after the broadcast of the video to identify and them arrest in Sidi Bernoussi ".

But now comes the KifecheTV published an interview last night, that question the identity of the victim. A team of this media channel went to the House of Ibrahim in Sidi Bernoussi and interviewed the father and his daughter. "The police came to interrogate me, let me see the video in question and I answered that the young woman we see the images, not my daughter," said Imane's father. "I saw the video and I'm not on the images", added the girl.
However, yesterday evening Febrayer also sent an interview out of the young Bojan which dates back to november 2016. Describes Ibrahim represented as a young woman who has been raped several times. The mother of a child, whose father is unknown, told here to be suffering from a skin disease by multiple sexual abuse. This interview of Febrayer is to see.

In the accompanying text at this interview febrayer writes that she had contacted the father of Ibrahim to the identity of victims in the bus. They write that the father of Ibrahim confirmed that it was indeed his daughter is in the video that went viral the day before yesterday (the video of the sexual abuse in a bus in Casablanca).

In any case, what we know for sure is that Ibrahim. She lives in Sidi Bernoussi, she is raped several times and she is the mother of a 4-year-old child. But she is also the young woman that we see on the video? The confusion remains. That the perpetrators live in the same district as MD for fear of repercussion can also be a possible cause of the denial.

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