Spain: fourteen-year-old Moroccan boy abused in wake of attacks

A 14-year-old Moroccan boy, who lives in the province of Valencia, was a victim of abuse in the wake of the attacks in Barcelona, Ramblas.

A young Moroccan native of Port de Sagunt, in the province of Valencia, was attacked Friday night on the streets in the aftermath of the terrible attacks in Spain.

During the surf around the internet via his mobile and discuss with a friend sees the 14-year-old Moroccan boy around 23:00 hour a Audi A3 is approaching them. The driver gets out and begins to insult the boy. "I took a step backward, but he remained up to me and said," go away from here, go to your own country, Saeed-Moor (Moro de Mierda, Moor is often used in Spanish for Moroccans) ", said the victim against . The man gave him shovels on which two against the left thigh and in the ribs.

The offender, between 25 and 30 years old, threatened the young Moroccan then even with death: "if I see you again, I will kill you". Hereinafter referred to as the man left and went to an ATM near to pins. In shock, the boy home and he won't go outside, his father said.

The police is still looking for the culprit, reports H24info.