Ibrahim T, the best student in Morocco in 2017, will not get scholarship

Ibrahim T, the best student of Morocco that the highest average won at the Baccalaureate exam 2017, gets no academic scholarship. An incomprehensible injustice they denounced in the press.

Ibrahim T, the student who was on the first place with the highest score obtained at the Baccalaureate exam 2017 in the Kingdom (with an average of 19.13 of the 20), got unpleasant news.

According to the newspaper Al Akhbar Ibrahim was shocked when she saw her name on the list of beneficiaries who receive a scholarship. The student is here very surprised at and indicates that she meets all the requirements. Although she has achieved a very high score, she has on the other hand, poorly funded and her father has no steady income.

The student, who last June the headlines and joy and pride brought to her town Sidi Bennour, says that candidates who were under her with an average or good score though are among the beneficiaries. Al Akhbar asked in the article wondering what the criteria for the granting or refusal of a scholarship well actually are.

Imane does in the paper a call to the King, in the hope he will read and will intervene to enable it to pursue her dream: medicine study.

The newspaper Al Massae also pays attention to the subject and release on the indignation of Ibrahim T and her family members. In this regard, the newspaper the Government promise this year by Lahcen Daoudi (Minister of higher education in the Government of Baby) is made for generalising scholarships to all students.

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