Police investigate leak file CS-collision

The Amsterdam Police investigate how information from the file of the suspect by the collision in June at Amsterdam Centraal Station in the hands of no style.

On the website appeared Tuesday afternoon a picture of a monitor with the personal details of the suspect. According to a spokesperson, it seems that it is a police system. "We lift up here."

According to no style is the driver of descent a Amsterdammer, according to the website "all reason to doubt the statement that it was a incapacitation". The police stressed that it was really an accident. "The accident at the CS remains a accident. If this had been an act of terror than had we named as such. " Police have completed the investigation and the file is transferred to the ORDER. "As police we never bring suspects out."

By the collision were seven people injured, mainly tourists. The police kept the man a number of days because they wanted to be 100 percent sure that the man had been unwell. During the investigation, the telephone, the automobile and the blood glucose meters by a closer look at the man. Also found a house search. In the end according to the police that there is no intent in the game, but that the Amsterdammer had become unwell. The husband used drugs and was unwell by low blood sugar. He is diabetic.

no style