Casablanca: M'dina Bus to police and justice address

The investigation into the sexual abuse of a mentally limited girl in a bus in Casablanca is extended to the transport company M'dina Bus.

The Ministry of Justice yesterday a request to the Prosecutor of the public prosecutor's Office sent for "the opening of an investigation into the responsibility of M'dina Bus" in what happened.

The purpose behind this is to find out how such a crime could have occurred on a bus, but also why the transport company have informed the competent authorities at the time of this crime, reports Lefr360

M'dina Bus reported pretty quickly after the video went viral on social media, that the video was recorded on Friday, 18 August (2 days before the video came online). DGSN came several hours afterward with the statement that the video, however, already 3 months old and so no recent incident was. The investigation of the Prosecutor will therefore determine the responsibilities of M'dina Bus, particularly with regard to the not reporting a crime that took place in one of their buses.

Also the Directorate General of national security (DGSN) takes action and strengthens the grip around the buses and their users. The daily newspaper Al Massae today reports that DGSN has taken action to ensure that all public transport buses functioning surveillance cameras have. The newspaper also reported that the police of Casablanca has received firm instructions to crack down on any form of crime, both in the buses and at the bus stops.

"The leadership of Ha responds to the video of the sexual abuse of a young girl mentally limited," wrote the newspaper Al Akhbar today. The publication looks back on the whole affair and on the rapid mobilisation of the researchers who immediately after the broadcasting of the infamous video the identity of the perpetrators obsolete, making the six boys could quickly be arrested.

Al Akhbar also wrote extensively about the reaction of civil society and human rights organizations who called for help for the young victim and punishing all those who had taken part to this despicable act. Including those who have no finger outstretched to help the girl and the driver of the bus in the first place.

Like the vast majority of those who have followed the case, the national press condemned the sexual abuse of the young woman was unanimous. A crime that never would be brought out into the open when the phone of the person who had filmed (according to a first version of facts) was not stolen.