Sexual abuse in bus: identity real victim known (video)

The real victim of sexual abuse in a bus in Casablanca was identified today. She lives with her parents in Salé and suffers from mental illness.

The mystery surrounding the identity of the girl seems solved. The police investigators were able to identify the real victim, a girl who lives with her parents in Salé and to mental illness. She was called to be heard today in Casablanca.

Previously, it was announced that Ibrahim was called and the victim in the same district as the perpetrators lived. Both Ibrahim as her father, however, denied this assertion.

In a testimony given to le360 tell the mother and uncle of the real victim that the incident took place on line 90 M'dina's Bus in the District of Hay Mohammadi.

The victim is called Zineb and dramatic incident occurred in early July, shortly after Eid al-Fitr. When coming home told the victim everything to her family, but they believed its not, recognizes Zahra, her mother. "She is mentally ill since she was 14 years old and is not taken seriously in the family", she said. Until with spreading the video the truth came.

Zineb's uncle, Adessadek, joins the words of the mother and says that the whole family now condemned the passivity of the driver of the bus, as well as those of the other passengers that have done nothing to Zineb by her attackers. "Zineb is a victim and it is not her fault what happened to her". They indicate that the responsibility lies with M'dina Bus is and that the family intends to file a complaint against the transport company.

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