Ministry of Foreign Affairs promises to improve services for Moroccans abroad

The Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and international cooperation has a number of measures have been announced to the services for Moroccans abroad.

The announcement took place during a meeting chaired by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Nasser Bourita, in the presence of a number of consuls of the Kingdom and the Deputy Prime Minister who is about Moroccans who in the living overseas, Abdelkrim Benatiq.

The Ministry revealed that there is a call center set up for questions of Moroccans living abroad and also for other non-Moroccan foreigners.

The Ministry also promised a "zero tolerance" policy in the approach of "improper conduct" of the employees of consulates and said there was a panel will be set up in order to check the quality of the services and deadlines.

The measures were adopted by the Ministry, come after the speech by King Mohammed VI on 29 July young carriage, in which he pointed out the lack of public services efficiency, as well as in earlier criticism.

Two years earlier, in an equally hard speech, criticized the King violently the Moroccan consulates, whose poor services had led to discontent among Moroccans living abroad.

"There are consulates-no majority who have neglected the mission to which they are entrusted and focus on personal and political issues," said the King.

The King explained that when he met Moroccans during his trips abroad, they often expressed their dissatisfaction about the services of the consulates, reports Moroccoworldnews.

The King gave instructions to employees of consulates to lay off those guilty of neglecting their duties and impeding the interests of the Moroccan community abroad.

After the speech of the King were multiple employees of the Consulate fired and replaced.