Casablanca: M'dina Bus contract will not be extended

The contract that connects the city of Casablanca M'dina coach since 2004, will not be extended, announced the President of the City Council Abdelaziz El Omari.

In a statement to the website of his party ( has accused the elected official the company responsible for the urban transport of the economic capital of the fact that they have not fulfilled the obligations. He refers in this respect to the bad state of the buses, which the age not more than seven years. "But here we are with vehicles that are 16 years or older," he said.

The contract for M'dina Bus will therefore end in 2019. After the City Council will start an international tender to the city of "urban transport can equip that meet expectations," said Ebi.

EBI has also announced that a Committee comprising 18 officials in the same year will be established which will be responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of urban transport.

EBI does not refer to the sexual abuse that took place in a bus M'dina Bus in Casablanca, but the time of the scandal and a few days later, this decision by the City Council can be no coincidence. The buses are, after all, for years ' barred '.

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