Moroccan from France is 20 millionth passenger of rederij FRS (video)

The Spanish shipping company FRS at the start of the summer had already announced that it was expecting the 20 millionth passenger in the summer period and that this would win euro 20,000.

The winner is originally from Casablanca and took on 23 August the boat in Tanger Med with destination Algeciras. She returned with her family back to France, where they live.

"We have several times traveled with FRS, but I had not imagined that I would be the 20 millionth passenger," she said in disbelief.

FRS is the leader in the field of passengers, vehicles and freight transport in the Straits of Gibraltar, and is the only company which is active on all lines in the street. It has more than 800 people. Thanks to its 6 ships transported more than 1.5 million passengers and more than FRS 300,000 vehicles per year.

The video is French-speaking, but equally fun for the images:

[video = youtube; AkrKm4bKPKc] v = AkrKm4bKPKc [/video]

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