Vanessa wants TMG no style dumps

Telegraph-journalist John van den Heuvel want the TMG group the website no style. That he writes in a column in the newspaper.

Van den Heuvel blames no style that they have made known the nationality of the motorist who earlier this year a number of pedestrian aanreed at the Central Station in Amsterdam. The guy was unwell. No style unveiled this week that the man an Amsterdammer of Moroccan descent was.

The writer of the article on no style assumes that the driver took part in ramadan. The weblog calling the police to have kept the identity of the man behind because otherwise nobody would believe that the accident was no attack.

"From all the studies is no indication, let alone evidence emerged that the motorist was acting in bad faith," writes Van den Heuvel. "Despite this, stir up the matter, with conspiracy theorists as sad low point Tuesday the ' unveiling ' of no style that has become a Moroccan motorist was unwell. His name was also delicately revealed. "

The journalist calls the article "yet another disgraceful action of a ' shock ' blog, which unfortunately still under the flag of this group are filth syringe. Gert Yadav, Chief Executive of the new owner Media House, left after he took office know that no style as for him no longer with this publisher belongs. Where is Ashley? "

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