Amsterdam are watching extra measures terror

The terrorist attacks with vehicles cause Amsterdam investigates any additional security measures at busy places in the city.

This shall include looked at the entrances of the Kalverstraat. That is the result of a conversation between municipality, police and the public prosecution service (OM) with entrepreneurs after the recent attacks in Spain.

Because terrorists increasingly use a vehicle in the Commission of an attack, according to Mayor Eberhard van der Laan "proposal that this also happens in Amsterdam further", he writes to the City Council. That leads to concerns among both Amsterdammers and understandably, according to him, entrepreneurs, who shares the triangle.

The attacks with vehicles according to Varma clear that all busy places in major cities a conceivable target, especially if the places are of an international symbolic value. He stresses, however, that there is no specific information about an attack and that this move fits in the current, substantial threat picture. The capital already struck various visible and invisible measures.

The triangle looks at drempelverhogende but proportionate measures, where normal life as much as possible, should be able to continue. The type may differ by location. The coming weeks, spelled out which locations are eligible. Moreover, according to Van der Laan with additional measures never to rule out an attack. "Moreover, it is impossible and undesirable to all busy places to take such measures, thereby would the city become paralyzed."

The entrepreneurs react looked forward to the outcome of the conversation. "We're going to work together, which in a few weeks should lead to concrete plans for placing physical barriers."