Moroccan journalist deported from Melilla after rejection of political asylum

The journalist N Baby was deported by the Spanish authorities in Melilla after his request for political asylum was rejected.

H24info reports that several young people from the Rif region to Melilla go to the European Union to ask for international protection. They claim that they are wanted by the Moroccan authorities for active participation in peaceful demonstrations. They come on Melilla illegally inside. The Andalusian coastal town of Motril also has had to deal with this phenomenon, they would have to deal with over twenty of these asylum seekers.

However, these young people are often faced with a refusal by the Spanish authorities. This is also the case with N Baby, a journalist of, which on Wednesday 23 August deported from Melilla and Nador is handed over to the Moroccan authorities. He was a month ago illegally arrived in Melilla where he requested political asylum because he feared being arrested by the Moroccan authorities. He was 2 hours in Nador questioned and he is then released.